Falamimi is a Toronto based specialty store focused on providing the best of handmade vintage and contemporary rugs, pillowcases and accessories founded by Bilge Saglam. Bilge Saglam was born in 1991 in Ankara, Turkey. The only girl growing up in a family with three little brothers Bilge was from her youth was closely interested in every branch of art, but mostly people.After graduating with a Communications Degree from York University, she moved to Istanbul, Turkey where she lived for around a year. During her time as a fashion editor at a local Istanbul magazine, she knew she had to work more closely with people in the fashion industry. Day to day as she met craftsman, designers, painters, and many more, she came to realize there were so many people in the industry of providing goods who were not fairly being rewarded for the art they were producing. Appreciating craftsman who did not give up on their art regardless of the unfair attention they were receiving from the worlrd and people who worked with these craftsman in order for the world to not loose such talents, Bilge knew she had to have a hand in helping these people. Bilge agreed to work with the CEO of Melek Capret, Fatos Melek, and be the distributor of their brand in Canada. Click Here to Learn more about Melek Capret. Bilge Saglam brings you the latest fairly made products all over the world at!

Melek Carpet is a family run business passed down from Yusuf Melek to his daughters. Since 1976 Melek Carpet is committed to ethical business practices. They are strived to conduct their business with the highest standards of fairness, honestly, and integrity and to provide high quality products, services, and information.

They pride themselves in how they acquire their goods and who they represent. They travel the Turkish countryside and build lasting relationships with craftsmen and artisans.

The weavers are responsible for creating the goods and we are responsible for providing them with fair wages so they can continue crafting their art and help their family and community.